How to increase your immunity during work from home?

You can increase your immunity during work from home!

Today, due to Coronavirus, m, ost companies have given work from home to their employees, so it is very important to work at home and maintain your immunity. In such

a situation, we should pay attention to our food and drink to maintain or boost our immunity. Let us know what things we should pay attention to in order to increase immunity in our food.

1. Include protein in your diet

To increase your immunity system you can eat oatmeal, boiled salad, and sprouts for protein in your breakfast. Protein is necessary for the body to function smoothly. Protein strengthens our muscles and immune system and 18-20% of our body weight are due to protein. Protein also keeps heart and lung tissue healthy.

2. Vitamin D from sunlight

If you spend some time in the sunlight, it helps you in fighting the infection in your body. Our body gets vitamin D from the sunlight. It is necessary for the strengthening of bone in the body.
Our body is able to absorb calcium when the proper amount of vitamin D is present in the body. For this, you can spend some time on the roof, balcony, or garden of your house or take a walk during the sun.

3. Meditation to increase your immunity

Meditation keeps our mind calm and also increases the production of Happy Hormone, which helps other cells in our body to get rid of stress and make the body strong from inside. It helps the immune cells to identify the body parts affected by the virus and is able to attack the virus with full force.
Meditation reduces the pressure on the heart. Which benefits your body in a healthy way.

4. Yoga and Exercise

By doing yoga and exercise, the chances of cold and throat infection are reduced by 50 percent. Exercise increases immunity in our body.
Therefore, to increase our immunity we must do yoga and exercise. Yoga not only makes the muscles strong, but it also makes the body healthy, you can get rid of diseases by practicing yoga. You get the power to fight against diseases. Yoga makes your body healthy. You can also control your blood sugar level with yoga. Yoga is very beneficial for diabetes patients.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep helps our body in the production of immune cells that fight against infection. Sleep helps our body in the distribution of immune cells. It becomes easier for our immunity system to eliminate infection during sleep. In this way, sleep helps in increasing the immunity of the body.

6. Drink More Water

To increase immunity, drink plenty of water because drinking water keeps you hydrated and increases your immunity. Lack of water can affect the kidney and increases the risk of many diseases. To keep the body hydrated, one should drink plenty of water.

By adopting all these ways, you can improve your immunity system.

— By Gaurav Joshi

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